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Screenshots of Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
  • Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME
Description of Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire GAME (from google play)

Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire one of the Best Addictive Adventure Game for Boys, Girls , Adults ! and every one likes Adventure Games , Empire Games ...

This Great Game is free and derived from the reality with some imagination which features various challenging levels for you and childrens to spend time playing together.


In this Amazigh empire game you must help the hero to Escape and avoid being killed by an armed radical intruder who hates the Amazigh people and who is trying to put several obstacles in the way of Amazigh young hero into an Amazigh Castle .
Try to be the savior of imazighans kingdom and not let the enemy take your treasures and your Colony Empire Land of Tamazgha

You must collect all the coins and diamonds that you will cross in your way inside the Castle in order to have a high score in this game to face several dangers, such as eagles, dogs and dinosaurs and other hidden surprises ...

-Tap the screen to make Hero Jump
-Jump on top of 3 Bullets to get Power of Flying , Riding a Missile.
-Jump on top of 3 Birds to get Power of Flying , Riding Bird .
-Jump on top of 3 Dogs to get Power of Riding Dog .
- Collect a Amazigh Flag to become a Flying Superman .
- Collect Coins and Diamonds for High Score .

Play this fun adventure game and challenge your friends. you can play Adventure Escape : Amazigh Empire offline without internet now so are you ready to face the dangerous obstacles ?

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The Real People of North Africa are called Amazigh, plural Imazighen (Berbers), a word which means “free people” in the Indigenous Tamazight language. Imazighans are the oldest people in the world, the native people do not speak Arabic but their language is tamazight, it is completely deferente, but the Arabs intruders are still trying to eliminate this people and hide the truth of the Hidden Amazigh Story, for example, they claim that northern africa is Arabic by calling it The Arabic Maghreb! in addition to that they try to eliminate all the Amazighs who express themselves in their language or who defend their rights and their land and prohibit naming their son with Amazigh names by current governments in north Africa .
The Indigenous land of Imazighen is a region called Tamazgha, from Canary Islands in Spain to Siwa in Egypt . There were many wars in the north Africa in order to colonize this land and take advantage of its Wealth.

And there are various regional sub-groups like the Rifians, Kabyles , Swassa , Chawiyen ,and Tuareg ... Outside of Tamazgha, there are other Indigenous groups in North Africa like the Nubians with their own struggles against Arab colonialism.
In the 7th century C.E., Arab armies from the Arabian peninsula began invading Tamazgha as part of the Muslim conquests, spreading religion on the backs of colonized peoples. However, even after the majority of Imazighen had converted to Islam, Tamazight remained the lingua franca. During the ‘Scramble for Africa’ in the 19th and 20th centuries, Tamazgha was divided and colonized by France, Spain, Italy, and Britain. Although Imazighen were prominent in resisting European colonialism and were key in anti-colonial liberation movements, nevertheless Arab nationalist regimes came to power in post-‘independence’ North African states. This Arab nationalism arose out of a wave of pan-Arabist ideology which served to oppress and marginalize other non-Arab groups like the Kurds.
Among the Amazigh empire there was place in Numidia kingdom is an old Berber kingdom of the Numidians, located in north africa .


- Colorful & smooth graphics
- Simple & addictive gameplay
- Explore the mysterious Empire .
- Face the unknown dangers !
- Quality sound effects .
- Free Amazigh Game

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